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Verizon Supply Chain Services Tentative Agreement

On Monday, September 12, 2011, the Union and Company reached a tentative agreement on a new 3-year agreement.  Click the link below for the Tentative Agreement Summary.

August 30 IBEW/CWA Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update - This message comes from the Unity website

Regional Tables: Aug. 25

Both the North and Mid-Atlantic Joint Regional Bargaining Committees are scheduled to meet in Rye Town, New York on Wednesday, August 31st to reconvene bargaining with Verizon. This “reset” of the company’s bargaining position was made possible by the mobilization efforts of our members up and down the East Coast. Our members made it clear that they would not allow this Verygreedy Corporation to destroy our collective bargaining rights nor would they allow them to destroy more middle class jobs.

Now your bargaining teams will return to address your issues at the bargaining table. While we have returned to work, this fight is far from over. We still have members who have been disciplined for strike related activities and we will not forget them. We must continue to keep the pressure on Verizon.

Bargaining Begins Wednesday

By George Bloom, President, CWA Local 1104
reprinted from The Hub,

We would like to quell any rumors that the CWA or the IBEW asked to come back to work because our members were crossing picket lines. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was Lowell McAdams and Larry Marcus who asked if we could end the strike and work under the current agreement indefinitely so the company could go back and review all of its concessionary demands. There was no quid pro quo other than to take down the picket lines. The union has not sold out and has not agreed to any retrogressive demands. We did agree that we would resume negotiations in the near future and would review the companies’ new proposals. As we have stated the corporation has blinked because we hurt them severely in wireless stores and Spin Doctor Marc Reed can tell all the lies he wants to the press; we know the truth our resolve is stronger than their commitment. All members should read the op-ed on our website by Ralph Nader “Verizon Goes From Wireless to Shameless”. I think he nailed it. Send a copy to friends and family.

IBEW/CWA Bargaining Update

The Unions and Company reached an agreement this morning for the members to return to work on Tuesday morning.  There has not been a tentative agreement reached at this point, but the bargaining committees believe there has been progress made in recent sessions.  As we get more information from the Union's bargaining committee, we will pass it along.  After speaking with Myles Calvey this morning, we will continue to accept donations for all IBEW members in the Northeast.  We will have a total of all contributions made from our members and across the TCC-2 available soon.  The Union's bargaining committee expressed their gratitude this morning for everything that Local 824 members did and the moral/financial support that was received.  Again, thank you for your contributions.

IBEW 824 Member Comments regarding Verizon Strike

This first letter was written in response to a letter one of our members sent to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam.  I believe that Verizon's upper management knows that our members are paying attention and getting educated on the issues on the table in the Northeast.  We have to...this is our future as well:

Dear Sir,


I appreciate your reply.


How much are the top executives in Verizon willing to give up in salary and benefits?  What will Ivan Seidenberg give up?  Why does it fall to the employees at the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder?  Perhaps the managers who are now forced to do some of our jobs can convey just how difficult it is to do our jobs well within the constraints placed on us.  Maybe they will give you some idea of the knowledge and skills necessary to do our jobs.  Additionally, if we were empowered to satisfy the customer and given the tools to make that happen, we would not be losing customers at the rate they are leaving us.

Yes, some of the loss can be attributed to newer technology.  However, we are harassed every day to produce more work (even when quality suffers) and sell, sell, sell to the point of unethical behavior by some in order to meet the numbers, keep their jobs and keep their coaches off their backs.  It is embarrassing and quite honestly, more the cause of attrition than the reasons you like to cite.  Satisfying the customer and saving the line does not count for much if you do not do it in the allotted time and/or with a sale.  If you really want to save customers, re think your focus and allow us to do our jobs properly.

IBEW 824 Member

This next letter was emailed to me recently and further shows that our members understand the severity of the bargaining going on up North:

Many people in the United States look at us in unions as spoiled employees draining a company of their profits.  Why should we be privileged or entitled to still receive a pension, good health care benefits and decent pay while other nonunion hourly American employees’ sacrifice.  

After all, look at what the greedy UAW did to GM.  For those anti-union supporters, I have this thought.  We do not work in an industry of dated technology.  We are in a progressive technological field that is evolving.  

When the telephone was invented it was a great technological breakthrough in the way the world was going to communicate.  As the Ma Bell companies streamlined the telephone into the public hands, it dominated the way we communicated for 100 years.  In the 1980’s, another new means of communication emerged (wireless) which was funded from the profitability of our traditional landlines.  

Today, we are in the middle of a third generation of mainstream telephony, fiber optics.  As a FTTP technician, I know first hand that our fiber plant is superior, less expensive and faster compared to any twisted pair of copper wire that’s out there.  I’ve worked on both sides of the plant and fiber will eventually put copper to its grave because it’s easier to maintain and requires a lot less repairs.    We are in no way compared to the UAW because at the end of the day a car will just be a car.  No matter how you package the automotive industry, until something new is invented it’s the same old technology.

We are in an industry of technological advancements and now it time for wireless (which our union brothers and sisters in landline helped funded) to support the building of our new fiber optic plant. When the fiber optic plant is completed and ONT’s are hanging on hundred of thousands of customers walls it will literally be a "flip of a switch" to activate customers in and out of service.  

Verizon profits in the billions and they have been in the process of creating a fiber optic plant that will one day potentially employ less than half of its current union work force we see today.  Landlines may be losing money today, but its replacement, Fios, will be profitable just like wireless today.  What we, as union members, give up at the negotiation table during contact time will never return just like the thousands of union members Fios will eventually be retiring in the future.  

There’s nothing wrong with a superior technology changing our profession for the better, but there is something wrong when corporate greed uses the platform of old technology as leverage to convince the American people that unions drain profit.   This is my personal view and frustration of a company that’s turning their backs on union employees that financially assisted wireless while it got off the ground. Now it’s time for wireless turn to return the favor while landlines give way to the profitability of Fios. 


IBEW 824 Member



What have Unions done for workers

This video is priceless and is something that should be passed around to every working man and woman in our country.

Update on email address issue

I was notified this evening that email addresses should be received by admin [at] ibew824 [dot] org now and that the problem on Verizon's end was corrected.  An email was sent from admin [at] ibew824 [dot] org to all members in our database at 10:25p Thursday night.  If you have a email address, please reply to acknowledge receipt.  All other email addesses (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn, etc...) do not need to reply.

Please check your SPAM folder to ensure the email was not sent to that folder.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Email addresses

It has come to our attention that any member with a email address has not been receiving email updates from admin [at] ibew824 [dot] orgAfter contacting Verizon Online Security, we were told the issue will be fixed within 72 hours.  We are not sure why this happened after 25 months of sending emails from our server but at least it will be resolved soon.  We are sorry about the inconvenience. 


A statement from President Ed Hill from the IBEW.ORG website:

Northeast Verizon Workers Strike


Company Refuses to Move off Extreme Demands and Negotiate in Good Faith

                  In the face of continued demands by Verizon for contract concessions that would take much of its unionized workforce back to 1960s levels of wages, benefits and working conditions, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Communications Workers of America tonight went on strike.

Six weeks of negotiations between the IBEW, CWA and Verizon produced no progress as the contract covering 45,000 workers from Massachusetts to Virginia expired at the stroke of midnight.

“If Verizon had shown any good faith effort to negotiate honestly, our members would still be on the job,” said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill.  “Instead, they turned their backs on any attempts to reach a reasonable settlement.  We cannot stand by while one of the richest, most successful corporations in the world joins the race to decimate the middle class of this country. We remain ready to meet with Verizon to work out a fair agreement, but at this point, we had no choice.”

Verizon has revenues of $100 billion and net profits of $6 billion. Verizon Wireless just paid its parent company and Vodaphone a $10 billion dividend.Verizon Chairman Ivan Seidenberg is paid 300 times what an average worker earns, and other top executives have been paid lucrative compensation packages.

The IBEW represents 12,800 workers at Verizon primarily in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey, with smaller units in Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Below is a statement off the CWA Local 1103 website:

The current round of negotiations with Verizon has been unprecedented,

both in terms of the scope of Verizon’s attacks on the middle-class jobs
of our members, and in terms of the company’s absolute refusal to engage
in serious collective bargaining towards a new contract.
There has been absolutely no movement by the company at the table since
talks began on June 22nd. Over 100 concessionary company proposals
remain on the table. We have never seen anything like this in 50 years
of bargaining with Verizon and its corporate predecessors.
As a result, CWA and IBEW have decided to take the unprecedented step
of striking to force management to stop its Wisconsin-style tactics, and
to start bargaining in good faith.
45,000 CWA and IBEW members walked off the job at midnight to demand
that a company which made $19.5 billion and paid its top executives $258
million over the last four years start bargaining in good faith and stop
its attack on middle class jobs.
If and when the company agrees to bargain, then we will return to work and bargain until a fair agreement is reached.


The contract for our IBEW/CWA brothers and sisters in the Potomac and New England areas expires on August 6th.  The video below is the news coverage of the rally held Saturday in New York City.  Approximately 15,000 union members filled 2 1/2 blocks to listen to several speakers, including members of the Union's bargaining teams.  Local 824 members Robert Prunn, Erik Jones, Danny Alfonso, Michelle Agne, Pam Elleby, John Riddlebarger, Tom Huston, Noah Kaaa, and Wendell Greenhalgh attended the rally representing and showing the support of our membership.

To see how many members were in attendance, check out the news clip below:

Verizon Workers Rally In NYC:

Bargaining in Potomac and Northeast

We have received numerous calls about New England and the Potomac area bargaining with Verizon.  The contracts between the IBEW/CWA and Verizon expire on August 6th.  If you would like to keep up to date with the progress at the bargaining table, you can go to and click on the bargaining updates link.  There are quite a few updates and also Verizon's Opening Statement from the first day of bargaining.  Feel free to share any updates with your brothers and sisters before or after work.

There will be a rally this Saturday, July 30th, at the NYC headquarters where a very large turnout is expected.  There are several Officers/Board Members of Local 824 that will be in attendance at this rally to show our sisters and brothers they have support in Florida.

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