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Workers Stand for America Rally - August 11th, 2012

Below is a letter from President Hill with a brief explanation on the Rally to be held in Philadelphia, Pa., on Saturday, August 11th.  This is a first-of-a-kind Rally for Workers in America and should be an important event for ALL Union Members.  I have talked about this Rally during the last week and quite a few members stated they wanted to attend.  It looks like a round-trip airline ticket will cost around $300 per person.  There are plenty of hotels in the greater Philadelphia area that you can choose to stay at, depending on budgets.  The event will be held in downtown Philadelphia and is only a 10 minute ride from the airport.  If you are interested, please contact your Rep at the Hall.  We will keep a list of members attending and try to coordinate rooms in the same area.  You will also receive an IBEW t-shirt for this event, if you decide to attend.

Sisters and Brothers:

On August 11, 2012, working Americans will come to Philadelphia for the Workers Stand for America Rally to stand up for the middle class and urge all Americans, especially elected officials, to stand with us.

The event will be a central feature of a larger campaign to serve notice to political leaders and the top percent that the recovery effort is not reaching working people. The Rally will take place before both parties’ conventions, and the intent is to tell both republicans and democrats that we want an America that works for everyone.

To that end, a new Worker’s Bill of Rights, patterned after the concepts discussed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his final inaugural address, will be launched. A press event will take place on July 12, in which the Bill of Rights will be fully detailed.

IBEW t-shirts will be available for attendees. Shirts will be shipped to the local union prior to the rally, but you must contact Union Hall with the amount needed and sizes no later than July 26th.

A live broadcast of the Rally will be offered. I encourage local unions that cannot attend the Rally in Philadelphia to host an online Bill of Rights signing party with their members. If you are interested in holding an event, please contact International Representative Juanita Luiz at Juanita_Luiz [at] IBEW [dot] org for more information.

A united front by labor is essential to ensure that this campaign is seriously considered by our elected officials, and the IBEW must lead the way.

Thank you for your efforts in this endeavor. With best wishes, I am

Fraternally yours,

Edwin D. Hill International President