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Strike Discipline information

Last week, Verizon decided to email ALL employees with their opinions on the actions that were taken against our brothers and sisters who were on strike, defending their wages and benefits last summer.  While it is unclear why ALL employees in the country received this information, now ALL Local Unions around the country MUST provide the Union's response.  Keep in mind that the wages, benefits, and working conditions that are under attack in the Northeast are benefits that ALL Verizon Union-represented employees enjoy.  We enjoy those benefits because we EARNED them for the hard work we do everyday making Verizon a profitable company.  Below is the response from IBEW, Local 827 in New Jersey that is being sent to all their members and members around the country.  Our members, along with all union members must support their efforts whenever we are asked.  As more information is available, it will be posted on our website.