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Regional OSP Safety Meeting July 25th, 2017

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*Pass Roster Around (Remind everyone to update their info)

**Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, October 17th**

*Discuss Ongoing and New Issues

 **Issue Owners are in BLUE.  If you have taken ownership of an issue, please be prepared to provide an update at our next meeting**

*Discuss Q2 Results

*Discuss Safety Incentive Program

**Unresolved / Ongoing Issues**

-Call out procedure for downed cables (Doug Spurlin)

An employee shared at a Union meeting a story about a cable that had been down for one full week before anyone from Frontier responded.  The cable had fallen across two driveways and the customers were driving over it daily.  After some investigating, it turns out that somehow the initial ticket that was created for this got stuck in a que that is not monitored.  Nobody can explain how or why this happened.  Doug Spurlin did say that he is on a team that is evaluating the different ques that Frontier has and that if we have any further examples like this to get them to him.

Updates / Discussion


Drashea Stevenson shared that Melanie Williams met with TECO on 7/24 to set up the process with them for us to be notified.  He also stated that she has been in communication with Fire and Police.


Doug Spurlin committed to the following regarding follow up on this issue:


Work with IHD team to share examples and ensure process is re-communicated to the frontline reps and supervisors.


Communicate the VIP number (877-486-5667) with all Florida municipalities.


Provide local EMS services with the local construction manager on-call number.


Conduct 10 “test calls” for downed poles to IHD (5 during hours / 5 after hours

 -Cell Phone Distraction While Driving (Joe Dolphy)

Joe will discuss the company’s position on cell phone mounts for the vehicles as well as if there has been any discussion on the app that is mentioned below.

There was also discussion about finding or developing an app that will disable texting and non-emergency calls while the vehicle is in motion.  Joe Dolphy has volunteered to take ownership of this issue and will provide updates as needed.

Updates / Discussion


Per Joe Dolphy, the company is not interested in providing mounts for the cell phones.  He is looking into piloting an app that will allow the tech to use the voice prompts for navigation but will disable the other phone functions while the vehicle is in motion.  We would look to pilot this with members of the Safety Committee.  There was also discussion about possibly getting a blue tooth speaker for the vehicle so that the voice prompts would be easier to hear.


-Storing Ladders in the Yard (Joey Santiago)

The idea behind this initiative is to store ladders in a secure location, protected from the elements, at the work center.  If a tech needs an extension ladder on the job that he has, the ladder will be taken from storage and used for the job and then returned to the storage area.

This process should ensure that the ladder will have a much longer life span because it will not be unnecessarily exposed to the elements every day.

Updates / Discussion


Per Joey, the pilot has not yet started in Bradenton.  He is still interested in getting it off the ground and looking at the second week of August as a possible start date.  Wayne Grunert shared that in his yard, this practice is already in place and that he is not aware of any issues that have come up because of it.


**New Issues** (Owner)

-Vehicle Weather-strip

Noah Kaaa asked what the process was for having the rubber weather-strip that seals the vehicle doors replaced.  With age, they become ripped and cracked and could potentially cause someone’s foot to get hung up when entering or exiting the vehicle.

David Carman and Randall Johnston shared with the committee that fleet will replace those items as needed, as well as any OE floor mats that may become worn out.


-LP Tanks (Doug Spurlin)

Jason Jones asked about how to handle to LP tanks on the Hesco units being out of date for their DOT certification.  The conversation then led to what yards may still have permanent LP tanks on site and what the company would like to see happen with them.

Joe Dolphy shared that EH&S would like to see all the permanent LP tanks decommissioned and no longer used.  It was agreed that the best option would be to find a way to have the Hesco tanks swapped out and not refilled.  Doug Spurlin agreed to look at what the process would be to make this happen.  The committee members are only aware of two locations which have permanent tanks, Causeway and Bartow.


-Hardhat Sun Shades (Joe Dolphy)

Joey Reibsome brought in a sun shade which fits over the hard hat to see if it is something that we may be able to add to the ordering system.  The shade not only provides a wider brim, it also has a piece that hangs down in the back to provide shade for the wearer’s neck.  Joe Dolphy agreed to research whether something similar is available from our suppliers.  He would then need to get it through the Safety Standards Committee and push for a pilot in Florida.


-Vehicle Air Bag Deployment

Justin Moulton had a question for fleet regarding when a vehicle’s air bags should go off.  Given the amount of different circumstances that could be involved in a crash, there really is no effective way to answer this question. 


-Temp Drop Taped Over Driveways

Marty Rodeffer asked what the policy was for taping a temp drop over a driveway because he had noticed that one went over three different driveways in his neighborhood.  Management confirmed that if the tech has the customer’s permission, he or she may tape a drop over top of their customer’s driveway as an absolute last resort.  The drop may not be placed over a neighbor’s driveway under any circumstance.  Management agreed to have the policy revisited and covered with the operations team as a reminder for everyone.


-Gas Detector Calibration

Jason Jones asked how often does a gas detector need to be calibrated?  The group concluded that we would need to refer to the manufacturer, however, if it has been a year or more we need to get the equipment turned into logistics for calibration.  Everyone agreed to verify that the equipment that they work with is current and if not to get it turned in.


-Safety Recognition Program (Joe Dolphy, Jamie McElman, Josh Saladino)

Josh Saladino asked for the committee’s input on starting some type of recognition program for safety.  Joe Dolphy shared that there is currently a pilot program happening in Indiana involving peer to peer recognition.  Everyone agreed to pursue the idea further.  The Company and Union will set up a meeting to discuss this further and bring some ideas back for our next committee meeting.



Minutes Prepared by J. Saladino