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Regional OSP Safety Meeting 10/11/2016

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**Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 17**

**Issue Owners are in BLUE. If you have taken ownership of an issue, please be prepared to provide an update at our next meeting**

**Unresolved / Ongoing Issues**

-On the road driver's safety training. (Resolved)

  • Also referred to as peer to peer driver's training. Scott Germak will look into seeing if we may be able to work it in, depending on the needs of the business.

Updates / Discussion

  • Scott will pick this issue back up and look into it further. There had been discussion about this while we were still VZ. Possibility of using an outside vendor. This needs to be a uniform process across the region. If this does go through, we probably won't see any of it until around October time frame. We will look for an update at our next meeting.

  • Scott has found a program and is planning on getting the field to begin running through it in the first quarter of 2017.

-Cold closure training. (Resolved)

  • Len Goellner will continue to attempt to set up vendor training. He also sent word to logistics to continue to stock heat shrinks.

Updates / Discussion

  • Scott Germak volunteered to take this issue on now that Len is no longer part of the committee. He will reach out to the training center to try to coordinate with the vendor. Training is to be given to some of the advocates and they will then go back to their area to share with their groups. Update to be given at our next meeting.

  • It looks like we will not be able to get vendor provided training on these closures. It was discussed and agreed to that the training will be done by the field forces in the different areas. We would like to see a qualified safety advocate volunteer to lead the training on the cold closures. Local management will be charged with arranging the training.


-RF meter locations (Resolved)

  • Marty Rodeffer asked if there was some way to compile a list of where the RF meters were stored. This would ensure that if a broadband tech needs to enter a cell site, they would know where the nearest meter is for them to use.

Updates / Discussion

  • The list has been completed. The locations of the Nardalert RF Monitors for each division have been compiled onto a single document. I will provide copies today if needed and it will also be a part of the next set of meeting minutes that I am going send to the committee. I would like to thank Marty Rodeffer and Emmett Larry for their help in getting the list compiled.

-Contained dog door hanger

  • Noah brought up an idea on how to lower the incidents of dog bites. If we had a door hanger that we could put on the room where the dog is contained, the chances of someone accidently letting the dog out would go down. Len and/or Geno would look into getting approval and having some printed up.

Updates / Discussion

  • Geno Flori volunteered to take over this issue. He will look into the logistics of getting these made and will update us all at our next meeting. All of the advocates agreed that this is a good way to offer another layer of protection against dog bites.

-Tarpon Springs work center address (Resolved)

  • Per Dan Wagner, the given address for the work center is nowhere near the actual address. This has been an issue with 911 services. Len and/or Geno will follow up with real estate to see what the solution is.

Updates / Discussion

  • Aaron Stinson volunteered to look into this further. We were told that the issue had been resolved and that the address now showed as 1950 Plaza Dr. This will be confirmed and real estate will be consulted about the possibility of installing another sign directing people back to the work center. An update will be given on this at our next meeting.

  • Per Aaron, as of August 16 the issue has been cared for. The address has been changed from 1774 Alt 19 N to 1950 Plaza Dr.







**Issues from July 19, 2016**

1. Bumper Mounted Cone Racks (David Carman, Eric Garcia) (Resolved)

Duke Raven asked if there was any possibility of getting cone holders that mount onto the bumper. Some of the trucks have 6+ cones on board and storing them is very cumbersome. David Carman explained to the committee that due to the wide variety of vehicles in the fleet, there is no one size fits all solution. There are also some concerns regarding the air bag sensors that are located in the bumper of some of the vehicles. He went on to say that fleet is currently looking at trying to come up with a uniform system to address the issue.

Updates / Discussion

Only certain models of trucks would be eligible to have a bumper mounted cone rack installed. Fleet will continue to asses which vehicles this applies to. David asked that if someone is interested in having one of these installed, to please get with Randall Johnson and he will look at it on a case by case basis.

2. Regular Safety Meetings (Jamie McElman) (Resolved)

Justin Horne raised his concern that there are no longer regular safety meetings being held in the yards. Jamie McElman shared with us that safety is currently combining the best practices from Verizon and Frontier. They are also working on distributing a weekly safety topic to be covered in the field as well as safety lesson plans and action plans. Jamie also clarified that Frontier has adopted the Verizon cone policy which states that cones should be used everywhere, including the work centers.

Updates / Discussion

Joe Dolphy reported that Frontier EH&S has been distributing a weekly safety topic to the field. Most of the advocates in attendance said that they were reviewing these regularly in the yards. Justin Horne mentioned that on the Link he can look up numerous safety topics and can access information related to them. He asked for everyone to go online and review the available safety materials.

3. Different Shirt Styles (Kelly Austin) (Resolved)

Kipp Beard asked if there were going to be any additional options for company shirts. The ones that are currently available are very hot to work in. Kelly Austin advised us that the ordering process has been slow up to this point. There was an email sent out recently telling everyone that the ordering system had opened up. If someone has not yet gotten this email, she asked for them to get with their LCOM. Currently, the vendor is trying to get everyone who has ordered shirts at least one ASAP. There is a tremendous backlog for them to work through so the rest of the order may not ship out for a while. Kelly also said that she will look into the possibility of keeping the dri-fit style shirts that we were able to get before.

Updates / Discussion

Per Kelly Austin, there are no immediate plans to change what is available on the website. However, there is a possibility that the company will change vendors again so the selection could potentially change. She will also look into the possibility of getting cotton t-shirts added to the site.


4. Garage PPE (Josh Saladino) (Resolved)

Benny Reyes commented that the mechanics had not yet been issued any hard hats or vests. Josh Saladino asked Benny to get with his LCOM and if he is still unable to get them, to let him know so that it will get corrected.

Updates / Discussion

Per Benny Reyes, the mechanics now have hard hats and vests.

5. 36inch Cones (Jamie McElman) (Resolved)

Jim Emminger told us that the reflective tape that is supposed to be on his 36 inch cones has come off. When he asked for replacements, he discovered that these were not available in the Frontier ordering system. Jamie said that he is aware of the issue and that they are currently working to get the proper cones added to the system.

Updates / Discussion

Joe Dolphy has researched this issue and shared what he has found out. 36inch cones are required on all state maintained roads and some municipalities require them as well. The federal standard is 28inch cones. Joe is looking at getting the 36 inch cones added to the supply system but advised everyone that in the meantime the 36inch cones can be picked up at Grainger if they are needed.

7. Attic Blower Kits (All Advocates) (Resolved)

Not all areas have an attic blower kit available.

Updates / Discussion

After doing some more research, it turns out that every area has a complete kit except for Eastern Division. Joey Santiago is still in the process of assembling the kit and has assured us that he will get it done. This issue is resolved.

8. Ladders (Steve Johnson) (Resolved)

Scott Fletcher said that there were quite a few ladders in Eastern Division that were in need of attention. He asked if there were any plans to have them inspected and repaired or replaced.

*Joey Santiago provided an update after the meeting and said that he found out that there were some ladders that had not been looked at since 2014. He said that he has asked Steve Johnson to head this project up and that it will start next week. They will repair or replace as necessary.

Updates / Discussion

  • Per Steve Johnson, as of August 18 all work locations in Eastern will have been cared for. The vendor will have visited each yard and inspected / repaired each ladder that they were given. They will also identify ladders needing to be replaced.



**New Issues / Ownership**

1. Keystone Road Manhole Lids (Aaron Stinson)

Jim Emminger has noticed that there are numerous manhole lids along Keystone Rd with no holes in them for gas detection prior to opening them. The holes also help when taking the lids off or putting them back on. This issue stems from the use of left over manholes from a previous road job. Not all the lids have holes in them but some of them do. Per Kenny Soule, the lids were ordered incorrectly on that previous job and that is why some do not have holes. When this has happened in the past, we have had to have a company come in and drill holes in the affected lids so that we can safely enter the manhole. Aaron Stinson volunteered to take this issue and he will look into getting the lids drilled. We advised everyone that unless you can test the atmosphere prior to opening a manhole, it is not safe to do so.

2. Hi-Vis Shirts (Josh Saladino)

Jim Emminger asked if there is any possibility of considering getting OSHA / ANSI compliant, hi-vis shirts with reflective material on them to wear in lieu of needing to wear a safety vest over your normal shirt. We all agreed that this is an issue worth pursuing. In the past the problem that we found with the shirts is that they had a limit of 25 wash cycles until they lost their effectiveness. Josh Saladino will begin to look at the options and see if there are any available shirts with a longer wash cycle that we may be able to get. It was also asked if it would be possible to get some sort of shade cloth that would attach to a hard hat and protect the wearer's neck.

3. Bump Hats (Joe Dolphy)

Scott Germak asked if the "bump" style hard hats were still available to order. These could be used by the mechanics as well as the field techs while working in attics. The concern that we had previously was that techs would use the bump hats in applications that they are not intended to be used in. Joe Dolphy will check into the availability in the supply system and update us at the next meeting.

4. Halon Systems

Bo Sierra asked if the Halon fire suppression systems that are in the Cos are still operational? Joe Dolphy shared that most of them are currently being used in conjunction with sprinkler systems and that the remaining Halon systems should be gone sometime in the first quarter of 2017.

5. Cinch Lock Climbing Belts

Billy Flick asked if it would be feasible get everyone trained on the new style belt to replace all the climbing belts in the field with the new cinch lock style climbing belt. It was mentioned that when the buck squeeze first became available a couple of years ago, everyone that wanted to was given the opportunity to receive training and be issued the new style belt. It may be possible that as we need to replace worn climbing belts that the cinch lock be ordered in their place.

6. Update on Vehicle Maintenance

Justin Horne asked the representatives from fleet if they could provide an update on where we stand with the backlog of PMs. We are current on PMs in Eric Garcia's area which includes Eastern Division, Southern Division, and Saint Pete. In Randall Johnston's area, which includes Western Division, Northwestern Division, and Tampa we have 36 PMs that are currently overdue. This is a huge improvement over where we were at the last meeting and Randall expects that his area will be completely caught up by the end of the month.

We also spoke about the issue that is being seen with the hybrid trucks in regards to the rear axles making quite a bit of noise. When one of these trucks begin to experience this, it is taken to the dealership and they perform the necessary repairs. Fleet stated that there are no plans to send the trucks to be looked at until they begin to make the noise. Fleet also advised us that the rear wheels will not lock up because of the issue that is causing the noise.

7. Contact Information

Kelly Austin asked that we please keep all our emergency contact information up to date on the Link.

8. Vans Being Overloaded (Will Parks & Steve Johnson)

We had a discussion regarding the possibility of the 1/2 ton vans being overloaded. It was decided that we need to conduct a study wherein we would get the vans weighed and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Will Parks and Steve Johnson will conduct the study in the Plant City yard. We will begin by getting a normally set-up van weighed so that we have a point of reference and adjust from there. They will report back on their findings at our next meeting.

The representatives from fleet did share that as these 1/2 ton vans get retired, they do plan to replace them with 3/4 ton vehicles and have no plans of purchasing any more 1/2 ton vehicles in the future.

Updates / Discussion

After the meeting, a few of the advocates went out to the parking lot to look at Noah Kaaa's 2005 1/2 ton work van for reference. Noah did not appear to have much, if any, unnecessary supplies and the van is kept neat and tidy. When Noah left the meeting, he went to a scale and had the van weighed. Per the door sticker, the GVWR of the van is 7200 pounds. The actual weight of Noah's fully loaded van was 7780 pounds, or 580 pounds more that the GVWR. While it is true that this is over the GVWR, it isn't too far off and we should be able to get the number down to where it needs to be.

9. Sweeping the Parking Lots

Ricky King asked if there was any possibility of having the parking lots swept at the work centers. There always seems to be a lot of screws lying around and this causes numerous flat tires. Mike Kinlaw shared that we may be able to call a maintenance ticket into JLL and have them come out and address the issue. The number to call is 877-369-4945.

10. Home Dispatch Update

Eric Garcia asked for whomever is currently on home dispatch to please go into the "Drive Portal" on the eweb and update all their information. This allows fleet to keep track of where the vehicles are physically parked at night. Geno Flori then stated that he will be asking the managers to do this in lieu of the technicians themselves. The techs do not need to worry about doing this, the managers will take care of it.


11. Emergency Response Team

Greg Flick asked if we still have this team in place and if so why weren't they activated prior to the last hurricane that threatened us? Geno Flori stated that the program is the exact same as it was with Verizon and that Len Goellner is responsible for it. We discussed it further and it is assumed that the reason that the team was not activated is because we were not affected by the last storm.

12. Changes in Fleet

David Carman shared with us some of the upcoming changes that will be happening in the Fleet department. He said that there will be some new equipment installed in the Sligh yard. David also told us about a plan that was being initiated to identify, locate, and evaluate the "mobile tools". These include pieces of equipment such as Ditch Witch trenchers, Hesco units, and mobile generators. He shared with us that it can extremely difficult to locate this equipment and that because of this he is looking at possibly parking the mobile tools in a central location. The idea is to keep only the mobile tools that are routinely needed at the yards and to keep the remaining mobile tools at the central location until such time they are needed.