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Outside Plant 10/17/2017

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 Regional OSP Safety Meeting Notes

October 17, 2017
Downed Cable Issue
Doug Spurlin will confirm that the Local EMS teams have been provided the Local Construction Manager on-call number.  
7 Test Calls were made and we are now with 3 hours from the call coming in to having someone on sight.   Still room for improvement.   
Darryl Meyer asked what the Company Policy was if we have a tree laying on the Telephone Cable.  He was advised by another tech that there was an issue where the Customer called in for a down tree on our line and the Supervisor told the Customer it was their responsibility.  Emmett asked for the information and said he would follow up on it.
1500/Hybrid Trucks
Ricky King brought up more discussion on the 1500/ Hybrid Truck issue.  Justin Horne mentioned that there are Central Office Techs with 2500’s.  He suggested swapping them out with FiOS techs.  Randall Johnston stated that Fleet is not replacing vehicles.  There is a 5 year plan to replace all Hybrids and 1500’s.  It would be up to Local Managers to get the techs to swap vehicles.  If techs swap vehicles, we need to make sure that Fleet gets notified, so they can plan maintenance accordingly.
Art Brake from Gandy talked about how the Dessicant has brought up concerns for the employees.  It is a very powdery susbstance, there are no warning labels on the bottles, etc.  If you pour any dessicant out, you will get a puff of “smoke” surrounding you and the employees want to know how this may harm them in the future. 
Lighting Issues
Jim Emminger wanted to know who he can contact regarding the Parking Lot Lights and the Sconce lights on the outside of the building.  It was discussed that we should contact the Building Maintenance crew for solutions.  
Garage Ventilation Issues
Jim Emminger brought up some concerns about the garage in NPR not being properly ventilated.  Randall mentioned that they are having troulble with JLL in the area of NPR.  JLL will go out and assess a situation and close out the ticket.  Therefore, the Company believes the issue is closed.  They are not sure if it is a companywide problem or just a concern with the JLL employee that services the area.  
Safety Policy
Justin Horne – Are we going to talk about the rumors of the new “Safety Policy”?
Kelly Austin – There is a grievance filed on it so this isn’t really the time or place to have this discussion.  The company has implemented its prevailing practice and there are no longer sunset dates. For example, A Written Reminder used to be 12 months and a DML used to be for 24 months.  Now there is no Sunset Date
Randy reminded everyone that the Company policy is to have two cones out at all times.  One in front of the truck and one in the back.
Back-up Camera’s
Jim Emminger asked about getting Back-up camera’s on the pole trucks.
Randy stated that whatever is on the truck when purchased, Fleet will maintain it.  If it’s not on the truck when ordered, that it would need approval. 
Dog Door Hangers
Ricky King asked how we could get more door hangers for the safety of the Technicians.  
Need to have some discussion on this to figure out how and where we can get more.  It was discussed that numerous techs left them on the gang room tables, while others liked having them.  
Ricky stated that he believed Josh paid for them, last time.
Man Hole Lids
There is a Road Job near Citrus Park Mall that has Man Hole Lids without holes.  Therefore technicians cannot perform the atmospheric testing and we do not have the proper pullers.  
Justin said that we cannot blow holes in them as it is not safe and Joe Dolphey previously stated that if we cannot perform the atmospheric test and we don’t have the proper pullers, that we should not do the job.  
Earl stated that we have 2 problems.  1st we have some lids that don’t have holes and the other problem is the newer lids don’t have holes that our pullers will work on.  
There are pullers with Magnetic Lifts.  Some can be found on
We need to get with the Road Inspectors, Joe Dolphey, Steve Hackney to revisit this and go on site to find the best solution.
Doug Spurlin committed to looking into this and attempting to find some solutions for Manhole Lid removal tools that will work with both all lids.  
Buried Drop
Concerns were raised because Techs can no longer get a tech on site for buried drop and are being advised to lay drops across the driveways, sidewalks, etc.  Emmett Larry stated that we are behind due to the Hurricane and are behind approximately 2 weeks.  Concerns were raised for the safety of our customers, especially since there will be a significant increase in foot traffic on Halloween when it is fairly dark and more difficult to see.  
It was mentioned that the drop contractor was stating that they could not bore without locates and this is the reason for the delay.  It was discussed that if they are not trying to bore in the easement, they do not need locates.  Emmett was going to look further into this and try to get issues resolved prior to Halloween.
Storm Notifications
Techs mentioned that they did not feel like there was adequate information being given on how situations were to be handled prior, during and following the storm.  After further discussion, it was discovered that all communication was titled no different than any other Florida Communication.  Therefore, employees may have overlooked some or all of the e-mails.  
Kelly Austin said that she would check if future storm related communications could have title changed from Area3 employee communications to something more specific so they will stand out (ex. Hurricane Irma Update).