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OSP Safety Meeting August 18, 2010

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The Outside Plant Safety Committee met on August 18. The meeting started with a report of the on-the-job injuries that occurred since our last meeting in June. Those injuries ranged in severity from strains, sprains and pulled muscles to bee/wasp stings. These injuries accounted for 118 days of lost work and 92 days of restricted duty. Please remember to work safe everyday.


Since our last meeting we had 11 vehicle accidents. The majority of these accidents were hitting fixed objects. The objects that were hit were posts, telephone poles, parked cars, overhead pipes and a stop sign.  Always walk around the vehicle looking for fixed objects prior to moving the vehicle.


We have received many calls requesting safety guidelines. We requested that Verizon provide a booklet with all the safety guidelines be made available to every employee. These guidelines have been put into a booklet and will be given to each employee. These books were handed out at the meeting to the committee and a case was given to each local manager to be given out in their respective area.


We also previewed a video on electrical safety awareness. This video will be shown in every work center within the next few weeks. In the video a lineman for a power company explains how his life was forever changed in a fraction of a second. He explains that if he had only followed the safety practices and procedures that were in place he would not have been injured. He was in a hurry and did not think “IT” would happen to him.   Unfortunately, now he lives his life totally dependent on his wife. His lapse in judgment cost him both legs, part of his right arm and 2 fingers on his left arm. I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the proper safety practices and take your time to ensure you go home to your family safe.   


Lastly, basic CPR classes are being scheduled for all tool-carrying members. This was a topic that was brought up in our last meeting in June of this year.


Remember our ultimate goal- Everyone goes home safe!!!


In Solidarity,