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OSP Safety Meeting 4/18/2017

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*Pass Roster Around (Remind everyone to update their info)

**Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, July 18th**

*Power point presentation on cell phone distractions while driving and on heat related illness.

**Issue Owners are in BLUE.  If you have taken ownership of an issue, please be prepared to provide an update at our next meeting**

**Unresolved / Ongoing Issues**

-Contained dog door hanger (Josh Saladino)

Noah brought up an idea on how to lower the incidents of dog bites.  If we had a door hanger that we could put on the room where the dog is contained, the chances of someone accidently letting the dog out would go down.  Len and/or Geno would look into getting approval and having some printed up.

Updates / Discussion (Resolved)


500 laminated door hangers were handed out at the meeting


If there is a need for any additional, we will discuss how to get more made at subsequent meetings.


-Call out procedure for downed cables (Doug Spurlin & Rhonda Britto)

An employee shared at a Union meeting a story about a cable that had been down for one full week before anyone from Frontier responded.  The cable had fallen across two driveways and the customers were driving over it daily.  After some investigating, it turns out that somehow the initial ticket that was created for this got stuck in a que that is not monitored.  Nobody can explain how or why this happened.  Doug Spurlin did say that he is on a team that is evaluating the different ques that Frontier has and that if we have any further examples like this to get them to him.

Updates / Discussion


Doug was not at the meeting to provide an update on his team’s findings.


Joe Reibsome provided numerous pictures of damaged poles that were not cared for in a timely manner.  After some discussion it was decided that we needed to ensure that the correct on-call numbers were provided to emergency dispatch centers (911) throughout our operating area.  This will hopefully cut down on our response time until we are able to get the problems on the front end cared for.


Steve Johnson and Vernon Burrell shared that in their respective areas, the emergency centers have the on-call number and use that to contact us when needed. 


Rhonda Britto offered to take ownership of that part and she will work with Len Goellner and Joe Dolphy to get the emergency centers notified.


**New Issues / Ownership**

 -Cell Phone Distraction While Driving (Joe Dolphy)

After the presentation, the committee discussed ways that we can help convey the danger that cell phones can pose while the user is driving.  It was discussed that we would work together on developing a campaign to try to get everyone into the habit of not using their phone while driving. 

We also talked about the possibility of purchasing mounts for the company provided phone so that while they are being used for navigation, the employee will not be required to hold the phone and drive at the same time.

There was also discussion about finding or developing an app that will disable texting and non-emergency calls while the vehicle is in motion.  Joe Dolphy has volunteered to take ownership of this issue and will provide updates as needed.


-Storing Ladders in the Yard (Joey Santiago & Jason Harper)

Ricky King mentioned that Batavia would be coming to Causeway soon to service the ladders.  This led to Joey Santiago telling us about a procedure that he and Jason Harper had thought about piloting in the Bradenton yard.

It is apparent that the main cause of fiberglass deterioration on our ladders is exposure to the elements while being stored on top of the van.  Bradenton is going to look into storing some extension ladders in a controlled environment at the yard.  These would then be used as needed by the FiOS workgroup because the FNFTs do not have an everyday need for an extension ladder.  This pilot would only be for extension ladders, not 7-11 or a-frame.  This should help to minimize the ladder being exposed to the elements, thus prolonging its life.

Joe Dolphy wanted to remind everyone of the frequency of inspections regarding ladders.  They are to be inspected annually, monthly, and before each use.  These inspections still need to be done whether the ladder is in storage or not.

Joey will report back to us at our next meeting of the results of this pilot.


-Roof Mounted Ladder Racks

Some of the vans still have the electric ladder racks on them.  David Carman from fleet advised us that these electric racks can and will be replaced with manual ones as needed.

Darrell Meyer mentioned that for some reason the ladder will stick to the rubber padding that is on the ladder racks on the hybrid trucks.  David asked for anyone who has this issue to please get with the garage, Eric Garcia, or Randall Johnston to see about a solution.  It was also mentioned that some of the door checks were failing on the vans.  These can either be repaired or replaced by the garage at any time.


-Fleet Training

Justin Horne asked what if any training the mechanics have been receiving on the heavy construction vehicles.  Randall told us that manufacturer provided training has already been completed.  There is also currently hands on peer to peer training happening.  Management does recognize that there is still a need for additional practical time on each piece of equipment.


-New Warning Label on Cones (Joe Dolphy)

Rod Joyce mentioned that the cones that we are getting now come with a warning label that states that they contain a chemical that is known to cause cancer by the State of California.  Joe Dolphy will look into this further and report back to the committee.


-Cable Riser Placement

Bo Sierra asked about an issue that is occurring in his area that involves who is responsible for placing risers on poles.  There was good discussion had by linemen and cable splicers from all around the company.  It was agreed that the policy that has been in place for as long as anyone can remember was the same company wide. 

During the normal course of business, cables that are 200 pair or more will be taken care of by the line crew and cables that are less than 200 pair will be taken care of by the cable splicers.  If there is a need for any additional training or equipment for this work to be done safely, it will be handled on a case by  case basis.


-PPE Use

Noah Kaaa brought up that he has noticed a more lackadaisical approach to PPE use from a few of the techs in the field.  He wanted to mention that the committee taking on big projects was a good thing but that we still need to be vigilant about the everyday policies that we should all be following. 

Please consistently remind everyone how important PPE use is. 



Minutes Prepared by J. Saladino