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Inside Plant Safety Meeting January 2018

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 Inside Plant Safety Meeting

January 10, 2018

Meeting Minutes


6th flr conf room

610 Zack Street

2:00 pm


Tom Atkinson

Chester Carman

Joe Dolphy

Tonya Franklin

Scott McGinnis

Zaida Menendez

Amy Napper

Shevelle Thomas

Remona Thomas

Nate Young

Jennifer McDougal



Kicked off meeting, introductions.

Issues addressed:


Temperature – new procedure to create an AIM ticket, routed to in-house Facilities.  Recommendation that there be a single point of contact within the department, rather than having multiple individuals creating tickets/contacting Facilities with conflicting information.


Joe handles Safety related issues, Jamie McElman handles environmental issues.


Center (specifically the 10th flr) was evacuated prior to Christmas, roughly 22/23rd; visual report by a passerby, smoke coming from the building.  There were no alarms, no audio or strobes to warn employees.  Mgmt advised employees to evacuate.  Procedure is if the Fire Dept and/or first responder comes into the building/notifies the Security Guard(s), they file a security incident report and necessary Management notified. 


Brought up that the NW corner stairwell was flooded; clerk reported/created a ticket.  Joe followed up, the problem has been corrected and housekeeping has mopped/cleaned up the area.


Remind Management to provide employees with monthly refreshers during team meetings or huddles; “What to do in case of…?”  Keep the lines of communication open and ensure everyone is aware of the procedure/process.  Pulse on Safety.


Evacuation map is missing from the 3rd floor; it will be replaced.  Advised to check with Facilities, specifically with Anita Henderson for access to the locked display cases on each floor.


LED lights have been placed on the 7th floor of Morgan; power savings for the company as well as a cleaner, clearer light.  Perception is the light is brighter, that is not the case.


Question regarding the CPR Training/First Aid Training was brought up. Get with your Supervisor for approval, they will need to use their ProCard to process.  Note, training is voluntary and with the fact that First Responders are right across the street, the recommendation would be to defer to them.


General Office Safety – Cornerstone Course Code – SFY0000670 was shared.

            Next meeting scheduled for April 11th.