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Inside Plant Safety Meeting 4/20/2017

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Attendees: Zaida Menendez, Scott McGinnis, Zammy Pastor, Mary Evans, Chris Austin, Tom Atkinson, Felicia Archie, Lori Weatherby, Edlin Myles, Amy Napper, Joe Dolphy, Nathaniel Young.


Amy started the meeting with introductions.


Issues Revisited – Floor sweepers in case of an evacuation...there has been no progress made getting this done.  Joe will meet with management next week to get the progress on this.


The training packet for Emergency Preparedness has been sent out but not covered with the employee as of yet. 


All sleeves will be removed from the lights and anyone that needs an accommodation will be provided a tent.  At this point there are some lights that still have sleeves and they will remain in place until tents can be ordered.  If employees still have issues once they receive a tent with light sensitivity Joe advised that he has an optometrist on staff that can evaluate the situation.  Once an employee receives a tent, it stays with the employee, so if the seat is moved, GRABEL needs to be contacted to come and move the tent.


Accommodation materials (ERGO keyboard or mouse) are departmental and can be ordered by any management person.


First Aid kits need to be ordered and maintained by each individual department.


ERGO training is in the works and will be a 4 hour class.


Amy will send notification of the next quarterly meeting.


Meeting ended at 3:45pm