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Inside Plant Safety Meeting - 1/19/2017

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Attending were: Josh Saladino, Zaida Menendez, Felicia Archie, Tim Campagnia, Chris Austin, Mary Evans-Everett, Scott McGinnis, Tom Atkinson, Edlin Myles, Nate Young, John Lewis, Tracy DiMaria, Amy Napper & Kristine Reelfs

Amy Napper kicked off the meeting with introductions and advising that she was now heading the Inside Plant Safety Committee along.

We discussed that we needed to assign new floor wardens to make sure that everyone was off the floor in the event of a fire drill.  I advised that in the Verizon world this had to be a management person.

Amy advised that Joe Dolphy is currently working on getting the evacuation plan updated and distributed.

The current process for ADA/workplace accommodations is being reviewed.

Company is in the process of securing a training class for Ergonomics.

CPR is a cornerstone class that you can sign up for and your supervisor will have to pay for the course with their Procard and the employee can then proceed.

The question was asked who we report building issues to, such as ice machines leaking or plumbing issues.  Amy advised that she will check and let us know.

We have decided that a buddy list needs to be made for the employees that can’t ago down the stairs in the event of an evacuation.  We asked to have supervisors canvass their teams and email Felicia and Amy the information.

There used to be a plan in place, when the building was evacuated that RMG would print a list of people working so they can be accounted for at the meeting location.  This is now an issue as RMG is centralized in either one place or out of state.   The committee has agreed that this is something that needs to be addressed and figure out how to get an updated list.

First-aid kits needs to be re-ordered and replenished for the buildings.

Chris and Tom both pointed out that in the Morgan building there are departments that are unsupervised for the overnight tours. 

Currently the elevators in both buildings are essentially being rebuilt with new belts and mechanisms being installed.  This will care for the issue that the inspections are out of date.

Amy advised that every time emergency services is called that an incident report needs to be filled out and forwarded to Joe Dolphy to keep track for OSHA.

Next meeting will be held 4/20/17