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Inside Plant 10/25/2017

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 Inside Company Union Safety Meeting

October 25, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Location: 6th floor conference room

610 Zack Street

2:00 pm



Chris Austin, Chester Carman ,Joe Dolphy, Mary Evans, Tonya Franklin, Scott McGinnis, Zaida Menendez, Edlin Myles ,Amy Napper, Zammy Pastor ,Shevelle Thomas ,Veronica Waters

Nate Young

Kicked off meeting, introductions.


Issues addressed:

Cornerstone training – ergonomic assessment.  Verified with Training,

known issue with “Access Denied” message.  If you are having issues

accessing the Ergonomic training, specifically course code: 

SFY0000506, please send an email to cornerstone [at] ftr [dot] com

 and let them know what browser you are using (Internet Explorer 11,Chrome or Edge, etc).


Regarding the 3M tape supplied with the “tent shields”; Facilities has ordered some industrial, double sided tape to secure them to the cubical as needed. 


A lot of discussion around the Emergency Action Plan (attached) and the need to have mock/scheduled fire drills. 


Joe will coordinate train the trainer sessions with those

identified in the plan and their role. 


EAP plans have been distributed to those impacted

electronically and should be displayed on each floor. 


Shevelle took the follow up to obtain a list of those individuals that require assistance/unable to take the stairs by floor. 


Rob Huckins is no longer active and should be replaced on the 10th floor. 


Confirmed with Security, each individual should swipe into the building when returning from an evaluation.  Guards should be checking badges as well.


Reminded of the proper use of electric outlets, cautioned on

overloading the circuits, there should be no additional items plugged

into the outlets (crock pots, heaters, smoke/popcorn machines), including extension cords or power strips unless authorized by Facilities.


Joe mentioned the possibility of starting a stretching program to help prevent fatigue, neck strain.  Sitting is the new smoking.  Important to stand periodically.


Next meeting scheduled for January 10th