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Family in need

Message from our Union Brother Jeremy Parks (CZT II Lakeland)

Jacqie Parks is my wife and mother of our three children.  She has Stage IV breast cancer, which has spread to her liver and bones.  Jacqie has been receiving chemotherapy treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fl.  Everything was going good up until a month or so ago.  Her immune system has been depleted and her pain has gone out of control.  Jacqie is on countless numbers of pain pills and has become bed ridden.  She is no longer able to receive chemo treatments due to low blood and platelet counts.  This is why we need your help!!  The clinic we want to send Jacqie is in Oldsmar, Florida and it is called Utopia Wellness Clinic. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover their treatments and it's expensive.  The program is six to twelve weeks depending on the doctors recommendation and it's about $3,000 dollars per week and that doesn't include hotel costs.  We as a family are desperate because Triple Negative cancer is very aggressive and without treatment we all know the outcome.  PLEASE HELP US HEAL JACQIE!!!

If You are interested in helping please click on the link below.

Help Heal Jacqie Parks