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Benefits Enrollment UPDATE

On October 8th, information was posted on this site regarding your Benefit Choices for 2013.  The info we received and within the packets each employee received, it states that if you are happy with your current coverages, no changes were needed.  However, it was brought to our attention that each employee was automatically "billed" $480 for the spousal surcharge and you would have to go in to the system to delete that charge.  After speaking with Verizon, the system should be revised so that charge is not automatic. 

Also, under Vision Care, the Company incorrectly lists "EyeMed" as the provider for our vision services.  This was also a mistake as Davis Vision is the provider for all IBEW, Local 824 members/bargaining unit employees in Florida.  This was supposed to be revised on the Benefits website as well.

We have received several calls from Retirees stating that the choices for their benefits have changed and new plans are now in place.  If you are a Retiree, please review the plans available to you as there may be better options available at this time.