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Benefits Enrollment for 2013

The annual enrollment for Benefits selections will take place from October 30th through November 13th.  The administrator of benefits will change from Hewitt to Xerox HR Solutions.  You will soon receive the information to make any changes to your benefits.  If you are happy with the benefits you currently are enrolled in, no changes by you will be necessary.  There will be a new Verizon Benefit Center to serve you, beginning October 23rd for changes in 2013 benefits.  You will continue to contact Hewitt for any benefit questions for your 2012 benefits.

The new IRS limit for annual contributions to a Health Care Spending Account is $2500, starting in 2013.  If you currently contribute more than the new limit, and you do not make any changes, your 2013 contribution will set automatically at $2500.

If you do not receive your information packet by October 23rd, please contact your Rep at the Union Hall.