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Bargaining Update 16

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The Union and the Company met for a total of 3 sessions today to resume bargaining. Discussions took place regarding the Unions proposals on the DSR turf protection, no knock exception, Charge Back Exemption, Sales Success Plan-Order Cancellation. A tentative agreement was reached regarding Sales Cancellation Report and Review. The Union also presented an Interim Agreement proposal that stated until an agreement on a final contract has been reached and ratified, the parties agree that all DSR’s will be eligible for the same severance packages and sales compensation plan improvements offered to non-union employees in the Florida region. The company is reviewing the proposal and will respond during the next meeting.

 After several discussions last week, the Union and the Company agreed, that in light of the distractions of the past month, the Company will not be progressing employees in the SSP for the period ending in June. The company will revisit the month ending in July once those numbers are in.

 We would like to thank Francisco Cou for serving on the bargaining committee during today’s bargaining sessions. 

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