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Comcast Bargaining Update #3

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The Union and the Company met yesterday and today in our efforts to negotiate a fair agreement.  Several proposals were exchanged on a variety of topics including:

Transportation Allowance


Fair Compensation Plan Quotas


Shop Stewards

No Strike/No Lockout 

Tentative Agreements were reached on:

Courtesy Services

New Bargaining Unit Employees

Union Representative Visitation

Layoff and Recall

Jury Duty

We are scheduled to reconvene negotiations during the week of November 17th.

As additional information becomes available regarding these negotiations, this website will be updated.  

Comcast Bargaining Update #2

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The Union and the Company met for 4 separate sessions today to exchange Proposals. During one of the sessions today the parties tentatively agreed on one proposal that defined the benefit provided to employees who are summoned for Jury Duty.  Please understand that since we are bargaining a brand new contract we are starting from scratch and need to begin with the most basic provisions. The Union and the Company will be meeting again on October 22nd and 23rd.  We will continue to update you as progress is made.


In Solidarity,


Your Bargaining Committee


Comcast Bargaining Update #1

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Opening Statement from the Union as presented to Comcast-

The IBEW through local 824 comes to the table today with the goal to bargain a fair and equitable agreement for both the employees and Comcast in a timely manner. We commit to bargain this agreement in good faith and expect that Comcast would do the same.

In preparation for today, we have reviewed existing Comcast agreements in other locations.  But more importantly we have reached out to the employees and asked them to prioritize the items they would like to have addressed through bargaining. With that in mind, as the Union Chair of this committee, I will be keeping the employees informed of the progress made at the table throughout this process.  There will be no secrets behind closed doors and our hope is that the Company is honest with the employees as well.  The employees are only seeking a fair agreement.

We believe that our proposals, as presented, will show the employees that the Company does value their hard work and is committed to providing them the best benefits and wage package.

As we progress through this bargaining session, and as the need arises, we will bring additional employees to the table to address specific concerns within the different work groups.

We have prepared 8 initial proposals. We believe we should be able to work through these proposals since they are staples of most Collective Bargaining Agreements and should not be unfamiliar to you. Throughout the process, as we present additional proposals we will be prepared to discuss each proposal at length to ensure the Company understands fully the reasons for each proposal.

The Union reserves its’ right, as stated in the beginning of its’ package, to add/modify or delete any proposals.


The Company and the Union met at 3 different times throughout the day today to exchange proposals. We are reviewing each proposal, which was presented and are currently working on proposals to provide the basic provisions that most contracts are founded upon.  As we progress through bargaining we will continue to update this page.


Your Bargaining Committee

Welcome to the IBEW, Local 824

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As everyone should know, the National Labor Relations Board has certified your election to be represented by IBEW, Local 824. We have notified Comcast of our desire to begin bargaining and we have also sent our initial bargaining request for information. A survey is being mailed to all DSR's to gain your input to create proposals for the bargaining table. Above is a link that will take you directly to the survey and you can fill it out online and send it back immediately. Also, on the Main page of our website is a link that says "Update Contact Info." Please click on this link to provide your Name, work location (Hialeah, Redlands or Davie), your classification (Multi-Dwelling Unit, Single Family Unit or Xfinity Home Direct – this will be in the drop down box at the bottom), and your personal email address for our database. There is also a link on the main menu of our website for Comcast. All bargaining updates will be posted to this page. If you provide your personal email address, every time the website is updated, you will get an email notification so you will be kept informed.

If you have any questions at this time, please contact Dan Wagner at 813.626.5136.

Again, congratulations on your election and your desire to have a voice on the job!!

Robert J. Prunn
Business Manager
IBEW, Local 824


2014 Comcast DSR Bargaining Survey

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Please click the link below to view/submit your 2014 Bargaining Survey:

2014 Comcast DSR Bargaining Survey

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